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5 Reasons You Will Love Holidaying in Noosa
5 Reasons You Will Love Holidaying in Noosa

Living in a country like Australia means that you are completely spoiled for options when it comes to finding a warm beach destination for your holiday. Even with all the choice, however, people flock from all over Australia to enjoy the quiet and humble nature of the Noosa area on the Sunshine Coast, often choosing this beach haven over other famous tourist areas such as the Gold Coast and Sydney. If you are planning on visiting Noosa for your holidays this year, here are just a few of the reasons why you are going to absolutely love it.

Eco-friendly Accommodation

The fact that Noosa is completely understated as a tourist destination is precisely why it is such a great place to spend your time. The locals here are very proud of the community they have built both for its village-like atmosphere and how they have managed to integrate sustainably with the surrounding environment. You will have no problem finding accommodation in Noosa that reflects the community’s determination to show respect for the environment through architecture, and all of the Noosa accommodation options will impress you with the friendly vibe and comfortable atmosphere.

Plenty of Water Activities

If your primary aim while on holiday is to have fun on the water, you will be impressed by the variety of options you have in Noosa. The coastal environment is blessed with a beautiful reef to explore, fantastic and consistent waves to surf and crystal clear water to swim in. If you are more into canoeing or kayaking, you can paddle on the winding Noosa River or enjoy the view of Noosa’s beautiful beaches from out on the water.

Lots Of Shopping

For the retail enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed by the variety of boutique shopping in Noosa. Unlike other tourist areas, you won’t find big shopping malls filled with all of the usual retail outlets. Instead you will find locally made art, crafts and fashion from the people on the Sunshine Coast. Here you can shop to your heart’s content and know that all your items are special and handmade.

Places to Relax

The chilled vibe in Noosa will make it super easy for you to get that rest and relaxation you are craving. Whether you are content to just lay on the white sandy beaches and forget all your worries, or you want to be pampered in a world-class spa, Noosa is the place to be. Take a carefree stroll through Noosa National Park, or smell the roses at the famous botanical gardens and feel your stress begin to dissipate.


Go ahead and let out the line, you know you have been daydreaming about it all year while stuck in the office! The waters just off Noosa’s coast are rich with a diverse range of wonderful fish, as they all flock to the productive reefs. Talk to the locals and they will be sure to give you a hint as to where the best fishing spots are. Once you are out on the water, you will get that carefree feeling you have been waiting for.

Whatever you decide to do on your Noosa holiday, you are sure to find something you love. So get out there, relax and have some fun in the sun!

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