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The Best Hiking Spots in Noosa
The Best Hiking Spots in Noosa

The Best Hiking Spots in Noosa

Noosa is a beautiful part of the world. It has everything one could possibly want in the ultimate getaway destination – stunning beaches, friendly folk, and great food and drink. However, just a little inland, Noosa is hiding a couple of hidden gems that don’t get as much attention as everything that lies within a stone’s throw of Hastings Street accommodation.

Noosa hosts some of the region’s most pleasant and enjoyable hikes, with a few of them just a stone’s throw where the bulk of people stay on the waterfront in Noosa itself. We’ve reviewed a couple of our favourites here, but don’t take our word for it – get out and experience them for yourself!

Noosa Hiking Spot #1 - Noosa Trail Network

The Noosa trail network covers eight separate hinterland trails that are great for a casual hike, an all-day endeavor, or even some horse or bike riding. They are reasonably well maintained, with plenty of sign-posting to ensure you don’t get lost or take a wrong turn.

The Noosa trail network also features the Noosa Bird Trail, with 32 separate sites that are ideal for bird watching at several different points throughout the year. Ensure you check the Noosa council website before setting out for your hike, as weather and maintenance issues can cause some trails or trail entrances to be closed for short periods of time.

Pets Allowed? No

Trail Length: Varies from 5km to 26km. There are shorter trails for beginners and longer, more difficult trails for those looking for a big day out.

Noosa Hiking Spot #2 - Noosa National Park Track

Noosa National Park track and walkways are comprised of five different tracks that range in difficulty. It’s one of the most popular hiking destinations in Noosa, largely thanks to the amazing views and opportunities to see koalas, dolphins and whales (during certain times of the year).

If you’re spending your Noosa holiday in Noosa Hill accommodation or anywhere else nearby, you should definitely find the time to head up to the Noosa National Park track. Take the longest path, the Coastal Walk, and experience some great dolphin-watching opportunities, or spend some time a little inland on the shorter Tanglewood Walk.

Pets Allowed? No.

Trail Length: The shortest track is 1.1km, while the longest is 10.8km.

Noosa Hiking Spot #3 - Mt Tinbeerwah Lookout

The Mt Tinbeerwah lookout presents some absolutely stunning views for anyone who’s willing to make the journey. It’s quite an accessible spot, with some capacity for wheelchair access.

There are great views all around of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland. It’s a great spot to go to get your bearings and gain some appreciation of the natural beauty of the region. 

Pets Allowed? Yes!

Trail Length: Quite short, come here for the view, not the hike.

Noosa Hiking Spot #4 - Noosa Heads

There are plenty of great spots around Noosa Heads to stretch your legs out. There are many walking paths and hiking tracks, so there’s nothing here that we can specify as being perfect for any individual. If you’ve got some spare time during your Noosa holiday, make sure you get around Noosa Heads for a couple of hours and soak up the ocean views from a great vantage point. Better yet, book some Noosa Heads accommodation and enjoy a walk right out your front door.

Pets Allowed? It really depends where you are – much of it is National Park.

Trail Length: Varies greatly, you can walk all day if you like.

Noosa Hiking Tips

Noosa usually has pleasant weather year-round, but it pays to be aware of what’s on the horizon. Take water, regardless of whether it’s a hot day. Make sure you’re not setting out on the eve of a storm, and ensure you’re equipped for the paths you’ll be walking on. As always, stay safe and alert of your surroundings. Many of these walks are through bushland, so you’ll be sharing the environment with the local flora – you don’t want your Noosa holiday ruined by a surprise encounter with an unfriendly animal.

Need advice on the right type of Noosa holiday accommodation that will help you get the most out of Noosa’s hiking paths? Get in touch with us – we’ve got a pretty good idea of the best spots in and around Noosa, and we’re always happy to help people find the right accommodation for their needs.

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