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The Best Ocean Views in Queensland Revealed
The Best Ocean Views in Queensland Revealed

The Best Ocean Views in Queensland Revealed

The Benefits of an Ocean View

Thalassotherapy: the employment of the ocean, including its products such as seawater, and the climate onshore, in the treatment of mental and physical ills.

The etymology of the term lies in Greek roots, with thalasso translating to “sea” and therapy coming from the Greek word therapo, meaning treatment. There are endless benefits to thalassotherapy, and its effects have been recognised for centuries, with doctors in the eighteenth century prescribing visits to the ocean and immersion in seawater as a valid treatment for a variety of illnesses and ailments.

Today, it’s rarely prescribed as part of a treatment regimen, but visits to the shore are widely recognised as rejuvenating, refreshing, and an excellent way to maximise the relaxation of a holiday. Strictly scientifically speaking, some forms of thalassotherapy have been shown to have the equivalent effect of some pharmaceutical drugs in the long-term treatment of depression. Furthermore, immersion in seawater (or even exposure to a sea clime) has been known to improve various physical health concerns, including psoriasis and hay fever.

We don’t need scientific studies to tell us that a stay in beachfront accommodation can do wonders for the heart and soul. It’s no secret that the beach (any beach, just take us there) counts among the most popular holiday destinations for Australians. We’ve done some very brief research, mainly by walking outside, to identify the best ocean views in Queensland and the best places to book your next stay in beachfront accommodation. Now, admittedly, we may be biased, but we genuinely believe you can’t go wrong booking a stay at one of these beaches. 

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. With views to die for, a perfect breeze most times of the year (that seems designed to suit the temperature of the day) and a row of restaurants and bars not far away, Noosa Main Beach has everything you need to spend a satisfying weekend away. The best part? Loads of beachfront accommodation nearby, giving you amazing views and a short walk to the sand.

One of the most interesting things about Noosa Main Beach is its orientation. While most of Queensland and New South Wales’ beaches face east, Noosa Main Beach faces north. This has a couple of benefits. Firstly, the waters are often calmer. Secondly, there’s a whole new world of orientations for beachfront accommodations, giving you different views for sunrise and sunset.

If you’re bringing the ankle biters, Noosa Main Beach is very child friendly, and they’ll have a ball in the surf. It’s also a very convenient location for beginner surfers, with a reasonably calm surf most months of the year.

Just a stone’s throw from Noosa Main Beach is Hastings Street, the business hub of Noosa. If you don’t want to be directly on the beach, there are plenty of places to stay on Hastings Street. Even if you’re not staying nearby, it’s worth a visit. With art galleries, shopping opportunities, cafes and the Noosa culture to soak up, it’s not worth missing if you’re in the area.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach ranks alongside Noosa Main Beach among the best ocean views in Australia – and they’re only a short walk from each other! Sunshine Beach is popular among Noosa regulars who are keen on sleuthing out the best places to spend an afternoon in the sun. With its own share of outstanding beachfront accommodation, Noosa’s Sunshine Beach is an ideal spot to spend a holiday. 

Fun fact: Sunshine Beach was previously known as Golden Beach. Both names mean the same thing though – a great place to spend a day in the sun. There’s a lot more to Sunshine Beach than great beachfront accommodation, though. It’s everything else that makes it a fantastic place to stay. Cafes, bars and a small shopping district that features bakeries, delis and more make this the ideal spot to grab a snack and a cool drink and soak in the atmosphere. 

Ready to leave right now?

It would be nice to live a life where you could head to the beach at the drop of a hat. Not all of us have that, but we can have the next best thing. Get in touch with us and we will help you organize your next beach holiday. We have contacts with beachfront accommodation providers all over Noosa, and we can help you find the perfect place for a beachfront getaway. 

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Noosa beachfront accommodation | 16/10/2018
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