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Get A Bit Of Privacy On Holidays With Your Partner
Get A Bit Of Privacy On Holidays With Your Partner

Going on holidays with your partner is more than likely going to be the stand out highlight of your year, though only if you actually get to spend a bit of time together. There is nothing worse than finally getting away together and then not being able to spend any quality time alone together, so make sure that doesn’t happen to you and your partner this year. Next time you go on holiday with your special someone, take a few steps to make sure you get some alone time, it’ll be sure to make your holiday more memorable. The following are some great ways to get more of that all-important private time together.

Splurge On Accommodation

Saving money on accommodation by staying in the dorms at the backpacker hostel is a sure way to kill any romance on your trip and will guarantee that you don’t get to spend much time alone with your partner. No matter whether you are staying in Hobart, Cairns or Noosa, accommodation that is just for the two of you is the best bet, and even though it’ll cost a bit more, it will ensure you get a bit more privacy.

Don’t Go With Friends While holidaying with friends can be great, it is not the best idea if you want to be able to have a bit of private time with your loved one. There is no better way to kill a relationship than by not having enough quality time alone together to relax, so next holidays leave your mates behind and go somewhere just with your partner. You will be really glad that you did!

Avoid Tourist Hotspots

There is nothing worse than being in a beautiful spot that is absolutely swarming with people. So if you want to be able to have a bit of space to yourselves to spread out on the beach or to not feel like you are on a conveyer belt as you hike the trails, avoid popular tourist areas full of high-rise buildings shadowing the beach and head to holiday in places that are more quality than quantity.

Take Your Holidays Off Season

If you want to be able to go to those iconic spots but want to be there without the crowds, a great move is to travel in the off season. You can still get some gorgeous weather in the spring and autumn so for the sake of a bit of extra privacy, it is worth the lower season tariffs when the crowds aren't too large and the prices much smaller. Often you may not have to book at restaurants either. A lot of places will have really good deals off season on accommodation, Noosa, Sunshine Beach and Noosaville being just some of the places where you can save as much as 50% by going on holidays during the off season.

Plan For Privacy

You can pretty much always get a bit of privacy if you think about how you are going to do it ahead of time. There is nothing more romantic than knowing that your partner has gone to some trouble to ensure you have some alone time, so make a point of avoiding that big music festival and going on holiday the week before instead.

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