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The Best Time to Book a Christmas Holiday in Noosa
The Best Time to Book a Christmas Holiday in Noosa

The Best Time to Book a Christmas Holiday in Noosa

The best time to book a Christmas holiday in Noosa was yesterday. The second best time is now. Noosa in summer is like a European city in the winter – it just has that feel about it.

Now, admittedly, Noosa is a great place to be year-round. However, early summer has just the right weather, the right ocean breezes, and the right prices for anyone chasing a bargain for their holiday in Noosa. The type of Noosa accommodation that typically goes on sale during the Christmas period varies, from apartments to beachfront units and luxury homes.

Noosa can get pretty lively during the Christmas period. As a popular tourist destination, it doesn’t slow down at quite the same time as everywhere else. There’s always spots to get away from it all and relax, but if you want some Christmas action, we’ll help you find it.

Christmas Events in Noosa

Noosa has that small-town feel that allows for community Christmas celebrations. While things certainly do get a bit quieter on the days directly around Christmas, generally the Christmas season is quite lively.

The Sunshine Coast Christmas Tree Trail is a collective effort to celebrate Christmas in towns throughout the Sunshine Coast. In recent years, Noosa has participated. If you’re on a holiday in Noosa, check out the lit-up tree and maybe stop in and view some others during your journey home.

If you’re staying in Hastings Street accommodation, check out the lighting of the Hastings Street Christmas tree. It occurs around the first day of December every year, which conveniently falls right in the middle of the slower season, when accommodation is at its cheapest. It’s an event unto itself and is often accompanied by performers and plenty of child-friendly activities.

The Noosa Boating Regatta, also known as the Noosa Waters Flotilla, is held around Christmas time every year and is a great opportunity to spend some time on the water and watch the boats thoroughly decked-out in Christmas lights. It’s a very popular event, so you’ll need to show up early to secure a good vantage point.

If you have the time or the inclination, carols on the river is always a great night out. It usually happens in the week leading up to Christmas, and has a great atmosphere. All are welcome, young and old, especially if you’ve got a good singing voice! Although, you may want to leave it to the experts and simply relax with a picnic blanket and a couple of snacks.

The Exact Dates to Book a Christmas Holiday in Noosa

I’ll let you in on a secret. One of the slowest periods of the year, when no one seems interested in a relaxing holiday in Noosa, is through the end of November and early December. This is one of the “mid seasons”, when things are still a little slow as everyone is building up towards their end-of-year holidays. If you want to take advantage of discounted rates and simultaneously enjoy perfect weather, book your holiday in Noosa between November 7th and December 14th.

Other Slow Periods

If this time of the year doesn’t quite suit you, there are plenty of other slow periods throughout the year when the number of people taking a holiday in Noosa tends to dip low enough for accommodation providers to start offering great discounts.

Here are the periods of 2019 when Noosa accommodation is expected to be at its most underutilized, and consequently, cheapest. These periods should stay fairly consistent throughout 2020:

  • January 27 – April 5
  • April 29 – September 20

Cheap Noosa Accommodation

Depending on the size of your budget, you may be looking at taking a cheaper option during your holiday in Noosa. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re quite savvy about your spending and know a bargain when you see one.

As a popular tourist destination, it can be difficult to find really cheap accommodation in Noosa. However, if you know where to look, and keep your eye open during the low seasons, you may just find yourself a dream getaway at low prices.

Check out these Noosa accommodation listings and see if something catches your eye:

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As always, if you need a hand finding the right place to stay, give us a call. We’re always happy to go the extra mile to ensure someone can come and enjoy a holiday in Noosa.

Accommodation in Noosa | 26/10/2018
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