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The Finest Restaurants in Noosa
The Finest Restaurants in Noosa

We have the most beautiful National Park and a wonderful north-facing gentle beach here at Noosa heads but after all this walking, running and surfing – everyone needs a reward. Fortunately the finest restaurants in Noosa are right in the heart of Noosa Accommodation, in fact, Hastings Street Accommodation. You can eat casually wearing a bikini or board-shorts right on the beach yet dine on the freshest locally caught seafood and choice produce from our farmers markets. Then you can head back to your Hastings Street Accommodation (there are lots of apartments to choose from) for an afternoon snooze. What could be better.

Berardo’s is perfect for fine dining (sorry, no bikinis here – it’s frocks and heels), there’s Lindoni’s our award winning Italian restaurant or Gaston’s for a local bistro style meal. It’s like Noosa Accommodation – there’s some high end prices and some for the more modest budget. And it is the same for Hastings Street Accommodation – you can rent a 3 bedroom huge apartment right on the beach with rooftop terrace and it will cost a lot more than a modest one bedroom apartment just across the road. And it’s the same with our restaurants – there’s something for everyone. It could be a truly fabulous coffee from Hard Coffee in Bay Village, a chilled glass of something delicious from a wine bar or a super meal at one of our top restaurants. That’s Noosa – something to suit everyone.

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