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Great Ideas For A Solo Trip To The Sunshine Coast
Great Ideas For A Solo Trip To The Sunshine Coast

Some people feel like they need to have a travel partner in order to have a great holiday, though there is a lot to be said for solo travel, especially if you are heading to the Sunshine Coast. There is nothing like being able to be totally selfish with your travel plans and to wake up in the morning knowing that you can do whatever you feel like. So if you have been feeling like you need some time away from everyone and everything, a solo holiday to Sunshine Beach or Noosa might be just what the doctor ordered. The following are some great ideas if you want to have a great holiday all by yourself on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Get Your Own Place

One of the best ideas for a great trip away on your own to the Sunshine Coast is to stay somewhere that is awesome and just for you. It will obviously cost you a little bit more to do this, though it will be worth it to not have to deal with anyone else and to be able to just concentrate on totally relaxing in your own private accommodation. Noosa has a great array of private accommodation so for a solo trip to somewhere fantastic, you might want to get yourself a sweet place on the Sunshine Coast. As well, there are some great 1 bedroom properties to rent from something very indulgent right on the beach all the way to something more modest in size and price.

Get Out And About

The best thing about solo travel is meeting loads of new friends, so make sure that you are out and about and meeting people on your solo trip. You never know who you might meet if you give yourself a chance, so don’t hide away in your hotel room and get out to the Eumundi Markets or to that bonfire on the beach and make a few new friends these holidays. People on the Sunshine Coast are extremely friendly, so make the most of travelling solo and be sure to introduce yourself.

Go On A Tour

A great way to see the sights on the Sunshine Coast when travelling on your own is to jump on a tour. Regardless of where you are staying, you can usually get picked up from pretty much any Noosa accommodation or most places in Sunshine Beach or Noosa Sound and be out on a great local tour and seeing everything there is to see. So check out the Dolphin Eco tours or get on a tour of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and see the Sunshine Coast in style on your own these holidays.

Treat Yourself

It’s great that you are going on holiday by yourself, after all you don’t need other people to have a good time, though you should go all out and make this trip an excuse to treat yourself. There are heaps of opportunities on the Sunshine Coast to try something new and awesome, whether you like food, need a massage or want to go skydiving, make a point of treating yourself and you’ll be sure to come back from this trip feeling better about your life and yourself. Travelling solo is something everyone should do at least a couple of times in their life, so if you are feeling overwhelmed by everyone and everything, head to the Sunshine Coast and do it on your own terms.

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