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Noosa's Hidden Gems
Noosa's Hidden Gems

Noosa’s Hidden Gems


Noosa itself is a hidden gem, despite the fact that a good proportion of Australia has no doubt heard of it. However, for seasoned Noosa holidaymakers, there are a few little tucked-out-of-the-way spots that are absolutely worth seeking out.  

Get Amongst Dolphins and Whales 

The Australian east coast is well known for opportunities to soak up the majesty of humpback whales as they migrate between breeding grounds to the northeast of Australia and feeding grounds near Antarctica. Australian waters are home to dozens of species of whales and dolphins, but humpbacks are certainly among the most spectacular and well-known. During the summer they’ll be filling up their bellies in Antarctica, but as they migrate northwards in late Autumn you can see them in the waters off Noosa.  

Even if you’re staying in Hastings Street accommodation in the heart of Noosa, it’s simple to get out and watch the humpbacks. There are opportunities for sightseeing from boats and kayaking among dolphins and whales. You can leave from Noosa, or alternatively, if you’re staying in Noosaville accommodation you can head out via Pelican Boat Hire.  

On any of the available whale and dolphin tours, you’ll be surrounded by fantastic scenery in one of the best climates in the world. It’s not just whales and dolphins you’ll see, either. There’ll be different fish species, turtles, rays and varied wildlife along your journey.  

Noosa Surfing Lessons 

Surfing is one of the great Australian sports. Popular along the entire coastline, Australia boasts some of the best surfing beaches in the world. If you’re keen to get your surf on, check out our list of things you need to know before your first surfing lesson.  

There are plenty of places in Noosa for absolute beginners to get lessons and boost their skills at catching waves. If you’re staying in Hastings Street accommodation, go for a wander down the street and pop your head into some of the outlets that are offering lessons. We won’t favour any here, but there are plenty of great surfing instructors throughout Noosa to choose from.  

Noosa Farmers Market  

The Noosa Farmers Market is on every Sunday and it’s one of the best ways to soak up some genuine Noosa culture. Fresh food, knick-knacks, farmers produce and more are available from the locally-run stalls. It’s very family-friendly, so if you have the little tykes with you take them for a walk and get a taste of everything Noosa has to offer.  

If you’re a foodie, it’s very easy to spend hours here and leave with a full belly (and full bags). Cheese, baked goods, a huge variety of meats, jams and other preserves, seafood, fruits and vegetables and more are on offer here.  

It’s easy to find. If you’re staying in Hastings Street accommodation, it might be a bit of a hike, but certainly doable if you don’t mind a walk. You’ll need to head east on Hastings Street and then follow Noosa Drive down south. If you’re driving, type 155 Weyba Road, Noosaville into your GPS and you’ll find your way there easily enough.  


Noosa Art Galleries 

For art lovers, the best part about staying in Hastings Street accommodation is being surrounded by Noosa’s leading art galleries. Noosa has developed a reputation for being home to some of Australia’s most talented artists, and much of it is on show right outside your doorstep along Hastings Street.  

There are over a dozen art galleries in Noosa, with some such as Jive Contemporary Art, Hearts and Minds Art and Nissarana Galleries found right along Hastings Street. If you’re staying in Noosa Hill accommodation, check out the Honey Ant Gallery before heading into the main drag 


Horse Riding 

Horse riding is certainly not for everyone, but it’s a very accessible weekend activity. There’s something very unique about mounting up a horse, joining a column of riders and viewing the world from a different perspective. It’s like hiking, except you’re sitting down and have a better view.  

For this one you may have to travel a little, as there’s no chance you’ll be able to step outside the door of your Hastings Street accommodation and leap into a saddle. Lake Weyba is about ten minutes out of Noosa and home to a great trail riding outfit who cater to people of a wide range of horse riding experience.  


There is plenty more to do in Noosa, and we’ve barely scratched the surface here. If you’re staying in a resort or complex, chat to the front desk about recreational activities. Otherwise, take a stroll down Hastings Street and grab a brochure or two along the way.  

Hastings Street Beachfront Accommodation, Aussie Travel Tips | 28/11/2018
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