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Noosa Versus The Gold Coast
Noosa Versus The Gold Coast

Queensland is spoiled with amazing places to relax and spend your holiday, though two spots regularly top everyone’s list, Noosa and the Gold Coast. Both of these places are built on stunning beaches and both seem like perfect spots to spend your holiday, though when you take a closer look, one of these far outshines the other, Noosa. For the following reasons, head to Noosa for your next holiday if you want it to be truly awesome.

Less People

The perfect holiday spot is a place that looks like heaven but without all the people, and for that, Noosa is a far better option than the Gold Coast. Both are beautiful places, so you can’t blame anyone for going there, though if you are hoping to have space to spread out your towel on the beach, Noosa is the stand out choice. Especially if you are planning on a December holiday, skip the hordes and avoid the Gold Coast at all costs. Noosa Accommodation is way less likely to be booked out and if you are looking for something special, the huge variety of accommodation in Noosa is sure to have what you need as well as a space for you.

Less Flashy, More Classy

While the Gold Coast has top class accommodation, it is easy to feel like you are staying in a huge, anonymous city. Staying in Noosa on the other hand feels more like a little village, where you are treated to not only comfort and style, but also a friendly, welcoming feel.

More Chill

You will feel way more relaxed walking around the streets of Noosa than the Las Vegas like Gold Coast strip. Whether you are cruising around the quiet streets on a bike or paddling around in a canoe, you will feel yourself unwinding far quicker in Noosa.

More Variety

Both Noosa and the Gold Coast both have great beaches, restaurants and nightlife, though only Noosa can really offer much more than that. It is true that the Gold Coast is close to some theme parks, but it fails to offer any kind of larger spectrum of activities. Staying in Noosa you will be close to vineyards, horse riding, skydiving, a host of golf courses and the Australian Zoo, not to mention a handful of great little towns all with their own attractions. So if you want to do more than party and lay on the beach, head up to Noosa.

More Natural

If you enjoy getting out and taking a decent walk in the wilderness, Noosa will be a treat. Noosa National Park is minutes from the main shops and is a great place to feel like you are miles away from civilization. A great place to see koalas, goannas, for bird watching and even spotting the occasional whale, this gorgeous rain forest is truly something you won’t find on the Gold Coast. If this isn’t enough for you, head north to the Great Sandy National Park, or south to the Beerburum State Forest for two very special parts of this incredible region.

The decision is easy, skip the Gold Coast and head to Noosa for your next holiday. It’ll be the best holiday making move you ever make.

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