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NOOSAVILLE on a Wednesday afternoon
NOOSAVILLE on a Wednesday afternoon "I’ve just returned to the office after being at Gympie Terrace right on the river at Noosaville. The breeze had just come in after a fabulous warm and sunny spring day and the timing was perfect because the yachts from the Sailing Club are having their twilight sailing races. The spinnakers are full and colourful and the yachts are laying over really close to the water and they are whooshing by quickly, trying to outpace their competitors. Some little water craft are chugging in and out and there’s a contingent of people in their director’s chairs on the bank of the river having a little sip of something or other enjoying the spectacle. Joggers, people walking their dogs or those enjoying the ‘passeggiata’ are strolling by on the pathway beside the river and at this time of day they are looking a bit smart –probably on their way to dinner. Actually it was tempting to stay and watch – but I had to return to work and the real world of blogging! Until next time. Jennifer"
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