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Top 3 Places to Bust a Move in Noosa
Top 3 Places to Bust a Move in Noosa There is something about being away on holidays and by the water that makes you want to bust out and get groovy. So if you like to dance and are planning on heading to Noosa for your upcoming holiday, you are going to need to know where to find a dance floor or two. The following are all awesome places to get your dance moves on, so if you are on the Sunshine Coast and are feeling the need to groove, one of these three should have what you need. Rolling Rock Nightclub This rocking place is located on Hastings Street and is as hip a venue as any you’ll find on the Sunshine Coast. The house DJ plays a mix of dance, house, techno and R&B, and it is nothing out of the ordinary to see awesome live music performances by local, national and international acts. Open seven days a week until 3am, the Rolling Rock puts paid to the stereotype that small towns shut down at sunset, as this place doesn’t even open until 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10pm all other days. If you have come to hit the floor, the Rolling Rock is the place to be, and the dance floor here is regularly among the most international you could ever hope to find.

Noosa Reef Hotel The nightclub here is as audacious as any on a Saturday night, equipped with its very own body painter, with revellers encouraged to come dressed in white and dance around while being sprayed with fluorescent paint. House DJ Banksy rocks the decks every Saturday night and once in a while busts out his bongos to really get the party off the hook. Saturday night is the only night of the week that you can hit up the nightclub here at the Noosa Reef Hotel, with entry free before 10pm and $4 afterwards. If you have come to Noosa with your crew and plan to get your party on, Saturday nights at the Reef are a guaranteed good time. The Noosa Reef Hotel also offers some of the nicest accommodation in Noosa, so if you don’t have your Noosa holiday all booked yet, the Reef Hotel is a fabulous value-for-money option. The beach They don’t happen every week, but every summer Noosa plays host to impromptu parties on the beach put on by a mix of random locals and travellers, effectively turning Noosa’s gorgeous beach into the world’s most incredible dance floor. The music may only consist of guitars, drums and other portable instruments, but when a decent sized crowd gets together on a summer evening, the vibe on the beach has everyone up dancing by the surf. So if you are in Noosa during the summer, keep an ear and an eye out for a spontaneous gathering, as if you are here when one happens, you’ll never forget it. Nothing makes a good holiday better than a decent dance session, so if it’s been far too long since you last got funky and hit the dance floor, use your next holiday in Noosa to break the drought. There’s nothing like spending your days feeling like you are alone in paradise and then be able to spend your nights partying it up with a crowd on the dance floor.
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