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Why Holidaying In Australia Is Better
Why Holidaying In Australia Is Better

Australia is the best place in the world to be on holiday for lots of reasons. The following are just some of the reasons why if you only have one more holiday in your entire life, you should spend it in Australia.

The People

Being on holiday usually puts you in a good mood, so there is nothing worse than feeling great and having to deal with negative or rude people. You won't need to worry about this in Australia. Australians are friendly and for the most part very hospitable people. Don't be surprised if you find yourself being invited into people's homes and drinking beers with people you just met. Of any place to go to have some fun and relax, there is no better place than Australia.

Accommodation On The Beach

Let's face it, when we all dream of the perfect holiday, it almost always involves staying somewhere right on the beach. So of any place in the world, you will not find a bigger range or large amount of beachside accommodation. Noosa, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Torquay to name a few, Australia has the most beaches in the world so it's not surprising we also have the most and the best places to stay on them. If you have ever stayed in any form of Noosa accommodation, you'd know that there is nothing in the world that can compare with it.

The Weather

Australian weather is what holiday weather is meant to be. The summers are long and hot and the winters relatively short and not that cold. So if you want consistently good weather during the only time of year you get to relax, don't risk it, holiday in Australia.

The Wildlife

Every complete holiday experience needs some spectacular wildlife viewing. While Africa and South America have some amazing wildlife, the Birds and animals in Australia are absolutely out of control!

The Food

Australia's location in the Asia-Pacific region along with its diverse multicultural society has meant that in recent decades there has been a noticeable increase in the quality and variety of cuisine coming out of Australia. Australia now has amazing food that has been introduced by people from Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Greece, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Italy, among other places. If you want to eat a unique blend of world cuisine that is remarkably fresh and fabolously delicious on your holiday, come to Australia.

The History

One of the best ways to add a bit more meaning to your holiday is to learn something while you are away. An easy thing to do is learn a little about the local history where you go, and for that, Australia has some fascinating and beautiful tales to tell. For a guaranteed great time on your next holiday, spend it in Australia. You'll be glad you did."

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