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Why Noosa is the Rising Star of Queensland Tourism
Why Noosa is the Rising Star of Queensland Tourism

Why Noosa is the Rising Star of Queensland Tourism

Noosa has been on the radar of Australia’s tourists for decades, but recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of the Sunshine Coast town. With a population of just over 50,000 residents, Noosa has a strong local economy in its own right, but income from tourism is playing a growing role in increasing the wealth of the region.

Construction and Development

Over the last decade, there has been a construction and development boom in Noosa. Luxury accommodation for tourists, units, apartments and other residential accommodation is driving much of the growth.

This growth isn’t just centred around Hastings Street and other commercially zoned areas. Much of the development occurring in Noosa has been widespread, with a steady increase over time in the rate of new builds across the wider region. The reasons behind this construction and development are varied, but overall it represents a positive outlook for the region.


Much of the recent construction and development in Noosa has been driven by increased levels of investment in the region. As Australia’s overall residential construction came to a head in 2018, many investors were seeking property development opportunities outside of major cities that could present favourable returns over time.

Noosa has come to the fore as one of those regional and coastal areas that have a lot of promise for future growth. This, in combination with some of the below factors, has seen a strong uptick in the levels of outside investment pouring into the area. Investment in construction and development has been strong, but so has the amount of money invested in business ventures, particularly those related to the tourism industry.

Foreign Tourists

While Noosa has long been a mecca for Australian tourists, it has recently seen an uptick in the influx of foreign tourists. Asian and European nations feature strongly in the source of this increase in foreign tourists arriving in the area. Both Noosa’s luxury accommodation and more affordable places to stay are popular among tourists from a wide range of economic backgrounds.

Efforts by the Queensland government to promote the state in other nations has no doubt had some contribution to this overall increase in foreign tourism. The state government’s focus on advertising in wealthier nations and targeting wealthier foreign nationals may be part of the reason for the increase in popularity of more expensive options throughout Noosa; luxury accommodation and large holiday houses included.

Population Growth

In addition to an increase in tourism, Noosa has seen an influx of new arrivals to Australia choosing to settle down in the region. In the ten years leading up to 2016, the population of ex-US citizens in Noosa and the hinterland rose up to 20%. In Noosa Heads and Noosaville now, less than two thirds of the population are Australian-born.

British, Kiwis, Germans and South African expats all represent a significant portion of the Noosa population. Many of these newly-minted citizens are quite wealthy, which may explain much of the recent premium applied to luxury accommodation in Noosa. As residential prices increase, so too does the cost of holiday accommodation.

Noosa Luxury Accommodation

There are a number of premium holiday destinations along Australian coastlines, but Noosa luxury accommodation is head and shoulders above the rest.  With such a wide array of options available, it’s little wonder that the area has quickly grown to be recognised as a prime spot for the wealthier among us to spend their hard-earned on some rest and relaxation. From waterfront accommodation to pet-friendly apartments, there’s a luxury accommodation option for everyone’s requirements somewhere in Noosa.

Noosa is the Place to Be

Above all other factors, though, is the fact that Noosa is simply one of the most beautiful places in the world, boasting some of the best ocean views in Queensland, fresh breezes and fantastic beaches.

The local population, the shopping and eating opportunities available and the general “vibe” of Noosa make it one of the most pleasant places to spend a weekend (or the rest of your life, as so many do).

You could spend a lifetime travelling the world and never find a place like Noosa. We are big believers in its potential to grow into one of Queensland’s biggest tourism hubs, while retaining the culture that makes it such an amazing place to live and work. The investment and development is here already, it’s just up to us locals to make sure we keep hold of what makes Noosa great while ensuring we keep growing for future generations.

Do you want to learn more about Noosa? We can organise some gorgeous beachfront accommodation for your weekend getaway, or help you buy a residential property near all the action.

Aussie Travel Tips | 2/01/2019
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